Single Sex!!


Sex! Whether you’re having or your not, listen in and get a new take on being a single woman today. Drunken one-night-stands and awkward post-coital goodbyes are not for you. Neither is loneliness and shame! How do you make the first move when you are interested in a man, how do you ask a man out? What sort of outrageous things can you try on ladies night (The caucus, the Thumb point, Good Cop, Bad Cop, Exciting Careers) ? What are your inherent rights as a free, single, sexual woman in the world today. Own your sexuality and your desire to have it! Oh, and listen in to learn how to give proper Viking names to your friends, as well!


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The 12 Tenets of Bewitching a Man! Tenets 1-6 HERE!


The 12 Tenets of Bewitching a Man! 

Back from the scalding desert of Black Rock City, Ché throws down six of the Twelve Tenets of Bewitching A Man. This podcast includes the important laws of seduction: The Eyes Have It, The Humor/Hard Dick Equation, To Bone or Not to Bone, Walking Into A Room, Slow Surprises, and Dulcet Tones. Holed up in Reno with her friends (the founders of the incredible– a must see site), resting and recovering from a week of celebration at the Burning Man festival, Ché volunteers “Seduction for Dummies” giving you the first half of your ever-growing toolbox. These six bullets will help add fuel to your growing seductive fire- tune in now to get started and tune in next week for the rest of these juicy, inside tips!

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Yesterday I did an interview with Brian Dunn of Dance of the Heart ( and had scintillating converstation about the metaphor of Tango and those wild, primal energies! Check in next week as we wonder: Can you Tango your way to the Divine?