Beautiful Chill


MEOW. Purrrrrrrrrrr.

I’ve settled into Boulder life just in time to get up and head East again on Friday. But, either way, in either place, fall is growing near. Today I was so thrilled just to sit at the window in the laundromat and smell the smells of clean laundry and sip a warm Hail Mary with almond milk while eyeballing my Lover across the table. It was raining and grey today with a bite to the air and both of us had that feeling of impending wildness that comes over us during the beautiful chill of the blustery, jack-o-lanterny fall season. I can’t wait to for Halloween, man. That shit is my JAM.

If, uh, anyone know anything to do in the Boulder area for Halloween…please do let me know.

Tune into the Radio Show this week for the first of two shows that reveal:

The 12 Tenets of Bewitching a Man!!

For reals.

Link to follow.


Loving life and my cold, pink, autumn-time nose.